Week in Review

28 08 2009

I haven’t written all week, so I’m going to give you a review of my week.

  • I began my last sub-term at Liberty for my BS in Religion. I hope to begin working on my M.Div in about 9 weeks.
  • Rebekah and I left our child two seperate nights this week, one with each grandmother. Ah, a whirl-wind of mixed emotions on that one!
  • Attended the Haywood County Camp Meeting all week! Pastor Mark Harris from FBC-Charlotte brought the Word of God each night and Rev. Chris Roberts humbly led worship! Outstanding services!
  • Avery had her 1 month pictures taken on Tuesday. That was an all day event wrapped up in about an hour and half! We can’t wait to get them back! She is sooooo stinkin cute!
  • Oh yeah, Avery turned a month old on Monday. And I turned 26 on Saturday!
  • I spent about 6 hours surfing the web yesterday for an article to read and write 1 paragraph about for an LU assignment. That was a headache!
  • I missed the Pisgah/Enka JV game last night due to rain. I really wanted to watch Levi play!.Maybe next week bro!

I think that is the major events of my not so majorly exciting life this week. Let’s see what the weekend has in store!

Follow the Leader

17 08 2009

Last night during my time with our youth we played a very simple game, “Follow the Leader.” At least I thought it was a simple game! Apparently it’s not near as simple as one might expect it to be.

I was the leader and we began by walking around the church, then we went through the church, and through different Sunday school rooms, and around tables, and down to the basketball court, and etc. The youth didn’t seem to understand the concept of a single-file line, they would cut corners, and not go exactly where the leader went. Finally, we quit and I asked why they didn’t do as I did. Responses varied from, “I didn’t want to,” to “We’re just lazy.”

After discussing it, we then played a second round of “Follow the Leader.” This round was much more successful. We stopped a few times in the game and I gave each person a bizarre task to do, such as “Go touch that door,” or “Go down that slide.” Every time ,the youth would do exactly as I said. When we finished this round we sat down and made application.

The disciples followed their leader for more than 3 years! But they too, had difficulties following sometimes. They often would question Jesus’ commands or decisions. Just like my youth though, they eventually got it! At the end of His public ministry on earth, after His death and resurrection, and after numerous appearances, He gave them some final instructions. He said, “Go.” (Mt. 28:19) He said, “Make.” (Mt. 28:19)  He said, “Baptize.” (Mt. 28:19) And He said, “Teach.” (Mt. 28:20) Now obviously He expounded on those words a little bit, but those are the basic commands that He gave. This passage of scripture is often referred to as the Great Commission. The question though should be asked, “Why did Jesus tell them to do this?” The answer lies in the previous verse (Mt. 28:18), “Because He can!” (My translation) My youth did the things that I told them to do because I have the authority in that particular setting. The disciples did what they were told to do because Jesus has all authority.

I concluded the night with this thought: The youth did what I told them to do, and they went where I went (granite, they had a little trouble to begin with)! My authority over them is minimal though; I am a mere man! I posed this question to them, “Why do you not do what Jesus says to do and go where He goes?” I pose this same question to myself and to you! We do what everybody else wants us to and go where everybody else wants us to go without even hesitating! But when Jesus gives us instructions, we usually “pray about it” for 6 months or 5 years, or basically ignore Him and hope that He quits asking!

Jesus said, “Go. Make. Baptize. Teach.” When is the last time that you have done this? When is the last time you have done what the world wants you to do? What’s the problem?

The River Guide

14 08 2009

Yesterday I took our youth down the Nantahala river. It was one of my better experiencs on the river.  I have rafted that river numerous times between being a boy scout, being in a youth group myself, going to Snowbird, my sister being a river guide, and now being youth pastor, but yesterday was different! Yesterday we had two rafts and Bradley, a Snowbird guide, guided one of our rafts while I attempted to guide the other. I was rather successful. I got our raft stuktwice. The first time required some expert instruction on how to get unstuck, but the second time we looked like the experts getting off that rock. I am alo happy to report thatI did not flip our boat in the falls, which I was slightly afraid of doing! It was a really eciting experiene for me!

I’m back!

10 08 2009

It has been quite sometime since I have written! My life has been consumed the past few months with expecting the arrival of Avery Sage, my new daughter! Well, she finally came to us July 24th! She is so awesome!!! Rebekah had a great delivery and both her and Avery are doing very well now! Avery weighed in at 7lbs. 10z. when she was born and 18 3/4 inches long. At her two week appointment she was up to 7lbs. 8oz. and had grown an entire inch! This is happening way too fast! I will try to keep updates about her on the blog as she progresses!

Other things that have happened in my life since I wrote last include my graduation! I graduated from Fruitland Baptist Bible Institute on June 19th. That was an awesome night for me! Praise God!

I have also discovered that people actually miss my writing! I still haven’t figured out what I have to say that is so interesting, but I have had a few people actually comment that they miss my blog. I appreciate that and I will try to be better at blogging! Here are some pictures of Avery Sage!