Hello, I’m Jonathan Blaylock! I know that probably means nothing to you, and that’s ok. I want to introduce my self as James did in The Epistle of James: Jonathan, a bondservant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ. That is the most important thing that you could learn about me! I am a servant of God and my Lord Jesus Christ.

My doctrinal beliefs pretty much line up with The Baptist Faith and Message (2000). I do affiliate with the Southern Baptist Convention, The North Carolina Baptist State Convention, and The Haywood Baptist Asssociation. I’m a member of Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Canton, NC, where I am the Director of Student Ministries. I’m a student at Fruitland Baptist Bible Institute and Liberty University. 

I want you to fully understand the purpose of this blog! It is to glorify Christ. In that it is included this: I won’t tolerate anything non-glorifying! I am open to civily discussing certain issuses, but this blog will not turn into a debate. I’m not a Bible Scholar, I don’t have all the answers. I don’t think that were ever supposed to have all the answers. If we did, then would we still have faith?

You also need to be aware of my priorities! God is first. Let me explain that. That doesn’t mean that my job at church or my church is first. I meant that my personal relationship with my Savior is first!

My family is second. This includes my wife and my child! They come next, and this includes time spent with them. Anything behind them on my priority list can’t have time that I spend with them. If you find yourself having a hard time understanding this, then I’m sorry!

Third is everything else! My job, my education, my social life, my emotional life, my physical life, everything! Within these, there are obviously sub-lists of priorities, but this is all you need to know. 

What I am trying to make clear is that certain things are going to come before this blog in my life; God, Family, Church, School, etc.

With all of this being laid out, I hope that we can enjoy this blog and I hope to engage in good thoughts and conversations with you.

The opinions on expressed on this blog do not represent those of any orginization I’m affiliated with.

3 responses

3 02 2009
Teresa Blaylock

Pretty cool!! A mother couldn’t be more proud. To know Christ comes first in your life and you live to bring glory and honor to Him is a job well done. Good luck with this. It will be interesting.

4 02 2009
Rebekah Blaylock

I’m not sure were I’m suppose to comment on your question but this is the only place I see. So what is a blog? I think a blog is another form of communication much like text, e-mail, etc. You could call it an online diary but I think it is some place were people can share and compare there taughts and beliefs. I think people are more comfortable sharing in writting such as this because they can be known only by there name. They are not associated with anything or anyone until made known. It’s not like a face to face conversation where they could feel pressured. They have more freedom to express theirself.

29 01 2010
Bernard Shuford

I’m glad you’re blogging, bro. I know we really don’t KNOW each other, but I appreciate the “local” online friendship. Maybe someday we’ll be in the same place at the same time.

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