“There’s God!”

22 01 2010

I have been wanting to write about this all week, but I’m just now getting a chance. This past Sunday, after church, Rebekah, Avery, and I went to the local Mexican restaurant, EL Pobre. As expected, when we walked in we saw several families from our church there. We were led to a table that was right beside one family from church that has two young boys. These boys are great kids and are very involved in our children’s ministry at church. The youngest shouted, “There’s God!” when he saw me. I couldn’t help but laugh! I think his parents were a bit embarrassed. He later said, “God has a mohawk,” again referring to me and my hairdo. I thought about the incident for a little while and I was deeply humbled. I have always known that children look up to me, but this made realize how elevated I am in some of there young minds.

The application that I gleamed from this event is simple: What impression do I leave on people? A child might mistakenly believe me to be God, but can an adult see God in me? They should be able to! Do I live a life that portrays Christ? Pastors: the kids in your congregation know who you are! They know that you are God’s messenger! You and I both better make sure that we are living like it! It was a humurous expeirience, but it taught me a valuable lesson!

Student Rally

8 11 2009

Last night was an awesome night! We had our student missions rally at Mt. Zion and our honored guest was the Holy Spirit. He was here with 9 youth groups from the surrounding area and we worshiped and we talked missions. Thanks to my best friend, Josh Fowler, for bringing a band from Atl and doing a bang-up job! My friend, Mark Hunnicutt, brought the Word and challenged the students (and me too)! FBC Lake Junaluska brought Identity, a student dance team, that broke down some serious David-style praise to King Jesus! Those kids know how to worship!!! Three students stood and gave testimony to God using them to do missions and encouraged the rest of us to get off of our hind quarters and do something for Jesus! My heart was blessed last night! I’m so thankful God allows me to stand on the side-lines and watch Him work in the lives of these students! Glory be to Him forever!!!! I love me some JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


17 02 2009

Yesterday I had a very unique opportunity. Our local pastor’s conference was invited to First Baptist Spartanburg (FBS) to learn from their staff and to tour their facilities. This trip has been planned for several months, and yesterday Dr. Don Wilton (Sr. Pastor) had to leave town on an emergency. If you’re familiar with Dr. Wilton, you can imagine our disappointment; but if you’re familiar with the sovreignty of God, you can imagine our expectations! We knew that God still had a big day planned for us. We stopped on the way and picked up some other pastor friends in Buncombe co. and Hendersonville. About 1/2 way down, one of the pastors (driving seperate in his own vehicle) had car trouble, so we had to stop and pick him and his passengers up and leave their vehicle at a gas station. We finally arrived at our destination a little after 10:00am. We were greeted with doughnuts, coffee, fruit, etc. The pastors spent some time with Assc. Pastor Sam Davis. The Student Pastors (that’s me) took off with FBS’s Student Pastor, Seth Buckley. He toured us throught their student center, including their 960 seat worship center complete with rotating stage; their fellowship area complete with caged in bball court, outdoor volley ball court (sand), actual airplane hanging from the ceiling, radio station, and not to mention the foose ball tables, ping pong, and pool tables. We toured their “green room”, media rooms, and eventually wound up in their educational rooms. We spent about an hour with Seth and 3 of his youth workers talking youth stuff! Seth is an awesome guy! He is experienced enough to teach youth ministers across the world, yet humble enough to learn from and spend time with inexperienced guys like me! We then toured the Main worship center (for adults) and their media center (wow) and “kid depot.” Next came the trip to grease town USA, a.k.a. the Beacon! I know it’s a landmark, I know it classic, but it’s also greasy grose! That makes twice I’ve been there, but frankly, I don’t care if I never go back! Our day ended at 3:30 at the assc. office in Haywood county. It was a very beneficial day and a very enjoyable day! God is using FBS in an amazing way!!! I’m glad we’re all on the same team and not competing! How was your day?