A Messy Illustration!

23 04 2009

I’ve been doing a “Sermon on the Mount” series with our 7th & 8th graders on Wednesday nights. Last night we were at Mat. 5:8, “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.” When I was studying, I had an awesome idea to illustrate it!
I bought a brand new pack of white t-shirts (undershirts). I opened them in class and pulled two out. I took one of them and stuffed it into a gallon size zip-loc bag full of strawberries. They were strawberries that we had frozen, and when we thawed them alot of juice was created. I allowed some of the kids to help me smash up the strawberries and smear them in. We then dumped a jar of pizza sauce (I found it in our refrigerator) into the bag, threw in some tomatoes, and some hershey kisses to top it off. I spent about 20 minutes mixing it all up while I talked about allowing impurities into our hearts (minds). It stains our purity, even the things that don’t seem to make a difference (like our Hershey’s kisses). All the little, seemingly innocent things, form a big nasty compilation of impurities in our minds. I then opened the bag and pulled out the extremely gross shirt. It had chunks of stuff on it and it reeked!! We held the two shirts side by side for a “purity comparison.” I think the kids got the idea! They all would prefer to wear a pure white shirt over the alternate, and Jesus would prefer a pure heart in you! He forgives us for our impurities (sin), so ask Him too today! Then begin living your life, making every effort to remain pure in heart! It was a cool illustration!!!