A reason to celebrate

13 04 2009

Jesus was brutally, but willingly, killed. Satan thought that he had a reason to celebrate, and for three days I’m sure he celebrated quite a bit. Ultimately, when Jesus was murdered, I am the one who was given a reason to celebrate though. Jesus victoriously rose from the grave and is alive today! That is reason to celebrate.
It seems that the Easter celebrations have upset many people though. I have been seeing alot of bitterness towards Easter. It usually comes at Christmas too. People who have no hope of being glorified and living eternally don’t have a reason to celebrate. So, they simlpy decide to bash Christians since their not having so much fun on Easter. It’s a childish mentality; “If I can’t celebrate, nobody should be able too!” It’s kinda  of like their watching the party through the window and their jealous because they think they can’t come in. I say to those who despise Easter to quit sulking and join the party. You have a standing invitation. I realize that you have declined previously, but you can still accept. You should accept Christ and begin celebrating the resurrection with us! What do you say? Join the celebration!