Guess what I’m asking in our pediatric consultations!

5 05 2009

As you all know, we are expecting our first child! Part of our preperation for her arrival in July (maybe August), is pediatric consultations. I want to tell you about the first two that we have had.
Of course Rebekah is well read on the “Baby books,” and knows all the text book questions to ask. I am so grateful for that, but I came up with a question of my own that I have asked twice now. Before I tell you the question, let me tell you my basis for asking.
As the doctor today said so well, “Your pediatrician becomes like another member of your family.” Outside of my wife and I, our pediatrician could potentially be the deciding factor in major decisions regarding ___________’s life (ha ha). You may disagree, but I feel that I need to be able trust our pediatrician to make wise decisions. With this in mind, one of the important “text book” questions is, “Where did you study at?” Of course we’ve been asking that, but I really want to know what their basing their decisions on. A solid education at a solid and reputable medical school is of utmost importance. However, I want to know even more about their decision making. So here is my question to two pediatricians so far, “Will you please tell me your views about creation vs. evolution.” Unfortunately, neither one has answered my questoin directly; but they have given me an indirect answer after their intitial shock from the question (apparently there aren’t too many parents who ask this).

Now that I have given you the question, let me further explain my basis for asking. The fact that I believe that there is a creator, an intelligent designer, affects every single decision that I make throughout my day. A person’s beliefs regarding this question ultimately affect every decision that they make. I want to know the foundational beliefs of the person that may be dianosing my daughter.

Are you curious to the responses I have received so far? There interesting. Neither doctor answered the question directly, but the first doctor did tell me that he was a Jew. The indirect answer there is that he believes in Jehovah, the Creator. Not the best answer, but somewhat close. The second doctor told me that she was agnostic. For those of you that aren’t sure of what exactly agnosticism is, it’s ok! They don’t know either. Agnostics basically believe that nobody knows if there is a God, and if there is, we cannot know anything about Him. The word “agnostic” means to have no knowledge. Agnosticism is not a religion, but a view that says, “God is unknown but not necessarily unknowable (Doug Powell, Holman Quick Source guide to Christian Apologetics). In other words, it may be possible to know that there is a God, but we don’t know. Agnostics usually claim a “middle of the road” type belief. They are not willing to commit to either school of thought. So the second doctor’s indirect answer is “I don’t know.”

So here is my personal thoughts: if she can’t figure out that there is a creator or not, I’m not real sure I want her making important decisions about my child! Anyway, I’m 0-2 now. Now I’m just curious! Can I find a doctor that openly and proudly believes that a creator exists? What do you think? Can I?

Also, do you know what your pediatrician believes? Let’s refrain from naming in doctors on this blog simply out of respect! Thanks for you input!!!